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ID-Vit® Vitamin B1 Direct MTP Assay

Microtiter plate test kit based on a microbiological assay that measures the vitamin B1 content.

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The bioactive form of vitamin B1 is thiamine pyrophosphate.

It plays an important role as a co-enzyme in carbohydrate and amino acid metabolism. Thiamine pyrophosphate is a vital co-factor for enzymes involved in several key metabolic processes in the nervous system, the heart, the blood cells, and the muscle. Vitamin B1 assists in the conversion of carbohydrates into energy, necessary for healthy brain and nerve cells and heart function.

Vitamin B1 deficiency may result from a deficiency in the diet. A severe vitamin B1 deficiency may lead to beriberi, which is characterised by nerve, heart, and brain

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    Immundiagnostik AG

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    MTP (Microtiter Plate)

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    Research Use Only