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HMGB1 for biochemistry – 1mg

Recombinant protein used in research related to HMGB1 – a signal for tissue damage and regeneration.

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HMGB1 for biochemistry is produced in E.coli from an expression plasmid coding for the rat protein (Müller et al. Thermodynamics of HMGB1 interaction with duplex DNA. Biochemistry 2001, 40: 10254-61).

Rat HMGB1 is 99% identical to the human HMGB1, and the only conservative substitutions are in the acidic tail. HMGB1 for biochemistry is fully functional on cells of mammalian origin. Endotoxin residues in this product are not removed.

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    TECAN (IBL International GmbH)

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    Recombinant Protein

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    Research Use Only