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Mental and physical stresses can lead to the disruption of the body’s natural rhythm and routine.

Left unchecked, these stresses and impact that body’s ability to maintain hormonal balance, which can then manifest itself in physical changes. Imbalance manifests in a variety of ways, including irritability, lack of sleep, weight gain and malnutrition. When self-care no longer becomes the priority, medical conditions stemming from hormonal disruption may arise. Regular testing to monitor hormonal balance can provide you with vital information to put you on the right track to getting back to “your normal”.

Monitoring key hormones, such as cortisol, progesterone, testosterone and estradiol can be achieved through analysis of a simple saliva collection. Analyzing hormones in saliva is non-invasive, extremely accurate, highly sensitive and has proven to be the most reliable method to measure the free, bioavailable fraction of circulating hormones.

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