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Enzyme immunoassay intended for the quantitative determination of total sRANKL.

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Receptor activator of nuclear factor (NF)-kB ligand or osteoprotegerin ligand, OPGL (RANKL), is a member of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) family.

RANKL is the main stimulatory factor for the formation of mature osteoclasts and is essential for their survival. RANKL, its cellular receptor, receptor activator of NF-kB (RANK), and the decoy receptor, osteoprotegerin (OPG) have been identified as the key molecular regulation system for bone remodelling. An increase in RANKL expression leads to bone resorption and bone loss. RANKL is produced by osteoblastic lineage cells and activated T lymphocytes. It activates its specific receptor RANK which is located on osteoclasts and dendritic cells.
The effects of RANKL are counteracted by OPG which is secreted by various tissues and acts as an endogenous soluble receptor antagonist.

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    Immundiagnostik AG

  • Assay Type:

    ELISA (Enzyme Immunoassay)

  • Sample Types(s):

    Serum, Plasma

  • Regulatory Status:

    Research Use Only