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HMGB2, Human, LPS-free – 50ug

Recombinant protein used in research related to HMGB1 – a signal for tissue damage and regeneration.

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HMGB2 is 80% identical to HMGB1 but is encoded by a different gene.

HMGB2 is not essential for life. The HMGB2 protein we provide is the natural protein, with no tags or additional amino acids. Human HMGB2 complete CDS was obtained by PCR from hTERT-BJ1 human fibroblast cDNA and cloned into pT7.7 bacterial expression vector. The sequence is identical to Homo sapiens high-mobility group box 2 (HMGB2), NM_002129.2. HMGB2 is produced in E. coli.

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    TECAN (IBL International GmbH)

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    Recombinant Protein

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    Research Use Only