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HMGB1 BoxA 2D LPS-free – 2.5ug

Recombinant protein used in research related to HMGB1 – a signal for tissue damage and regeneration.

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BoxA 2D is the mutant form of BoxA (DNA binding domains of HMGB1 protein) in which the two cysteines are replaced with aspartic acid.

It consists of 89 amino acids and has a calculated molecular mass of approximately 10.4 kDa. BoxA 2D in migration assay cannot block the HMGB1 induced migration of fibroblasts. It contains only trace amounts of LPS (<0.4 ng/mg protein). BoxA 2D variant can be used as negative control of BoxA wt.

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    TECAN (IBL International GmbH)

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    Recombinant Protein

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    Research Use Only