Testosterone Luminescence ImmunoAssay
Saliva Hormones
Product Code: RE62039

Measurement of testosterone (a male sex hormone) is used in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders involving the male sex hormones (androgens), including primary and secondary hypogonadism, impotence in males and in females hirsutism (excessive hair) and virilization (masculinization) due to tumors, polycystic ovaries and adrenogenital syndromes.  Testosterone together with cortisol levels in stress research and sports medicine represents a useful parameter.  Due to the many factors that may influence the testosterone levels, it is in some situations advisable to take a profile (repeated measurements). Therefore, measuring the free testosterone in saliva is a convenient method, due to the easier sample collection without repeated venipunctures
Diagnostic area Saliva Hormones

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Gastro Infectious Saliva Specialty
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